Feeling Inspired!

The Trevethan Gin team were this week invited to the 25th Anniversary of well loved country clothing brand Schoffel Country. The reason we were there was to deliver a bespoke batch of Trevethan Gin we had developed with the Schoffel team to commemorate their 25 years in the UK market; and here's how it all happened.

Ptarmigan GIN_edited.jpg


Just before Christmas the marketing bods at Schoffel approached us to assist them with some events they would be hosting in 2018 to commemorate their 25th anniversary year. They wanted to serve a gin that complemented the quality of the Schoffel Country outerwear and thankfully they felt Trevethan was the Gin for the job!

However our Head of Sales Marc and Head Distiller John felt that to commemorate such a momentous occasion in the brands history needed more that just a bespoke G&T serve; it needed a bespoke Gin all together. So John promptly dusted off our original development still (Little Doris) and set to work creating something to befit such an achievement....3 months later Schoffel Ptarmigan Reserve was born.

The Ptarmigan range was the original range launched in the UK by Schoffel Country 25 years ago and is also the name of a native Grouse species that resides amongst other places in the Highlands of Scotland. Armed with this information John set about to find some alpine style botanicals that would be a feature of the Ptarmigans Landscape. After much deliberation he settled on Bilberries and Meadow Sweet to give the bespoke alpine flavour to the gin.

It was a pleasure for a business like Trevethan to be asked to work with such an established European brand like Schoffel. Meeting Corry Taylor and the Schoffel team and seeing first hand the passion that goes into building a brand like that was inspiring for all of us at Trevethan Gin and we hope we'll be celebrating our 25th Anniversary one day too.


So on the important part... tasting notes! The Ptarmigan Reserve Gin keeps the quintessential Trevethan trademark of being Juniper forward which is enhanced by the smooth earthy notes of the dried Bilberries. The middle notes have a citrus crispness to it before is rounded off by the piney, fresh and almost creamy Meadow Sweet. It is a Gin we are very proud of.

So far only 300 bottles have been made and it is not available on general sale but watch this space as it may be too delicious to keep hidden!

Behind the scenes at Trevethan

And breathe...

It's been a hectic run up to the Christmas period with no signs of slowing down just yet, but we're on the home straight and looking forward to the festivities (Trevethan G&T in hand, of course). 

As we have launched our two incredible new gins, Honey Oak and Chauffeur's Reserve, we thought it was about time that we showed you what goes on behind the scenes here at the distillery.

Each batch of Trevethan is completely handmade and distilled at our craft facility here in Cornwall. From the charging of the still and the measuring of the botanicals, right the way through to the filling and signing, everything is done with our own bare hands - we even sign every bottle so each one is truly unique.

Take a look at our film to find out more about Trevethan's 1920's heritage, why we have so much passion for our gin, and why you should too!

Enjoy... and let us know what you think in the comments.

Merry Christmas all, or should we say, Ginmas!

From John, Rob and all at Trevethan.


Our new Honey Oak and Chauffeur's Reserve gins are now available in the shop.


Trevethan Gin Cocktails

So it's been a hectic summer of festivals, tasting and generally just swimming in Gin! All the distractions of the summer rush have meant we've not been able to write about our events as much as we would like and we have been inundated with people asking for recipes of the drinks we've been out there making for them.

So now that we've had time to sit down, breath and get ready for the next rush (Christmas, yes I can't believe I just said that word either) we thought we would put pen to paper on our favourite cocktails so you can all go out (or stay in) and enjoy them this weekend.

So without further ado, we give you.......The Trevethan Gin Cocktail Menu.

Norman's Elderflower Surprise

This is a martini style cocktail with a few twist, it's extremely easy to drink and shows off the complexity of Trevethan Gin perfectly.


  1. Trevethan Cornish Craft Gin
  2. Vanilla pods
  3. Lemon grass
  4. Stem Ginger
  5. Cucumber
  6. Elderflower Liqueur
  7. Luscombes Cloudy Lemonade


Pour 50ml of Trevethan Cornish Craft Gin into a cocktail shaker and then add around 30ml of Elderflower Liqeuer. Next cut a 2cm piece of lemongrass, ginger and vanilla pod and add them to the liquid. Cut 4 slices of cucumber and chop them into quarters and in they go as well.

Take a spoon or the flat end of a cocktail stirrer and begin to "muddle" and "press" the ingredients around in the Gin and Liqueur mix. Do this for around a minute.

Leave your mixture to sit while you prepare you martini glass. Take your glass and add in a few ice cubes, if you're really prepared you can also keep you glass in the freezer. Let the ice cubes gently chill the glass while you return to your cocktail. Strain the mixture twice through a cocktail strainer or sieve into another glass or cocktail shaker. Once you've strained the mix  remove the ice cubes from the the maritni glass maybe dry it out slightly and pour in your Gin Liqueur cocktail. Next top up the martini glass with around 20ml of Luscombes Cloudy Lemonade (Other lemonades are available) and garnish with a stick or lemongrass and maybe a sprig of thyme.

Sit back relax and enjoy! You can also make up a stock of the base Gin Liqueur and keep it in a cocktail shaker in the fridge to make the replenishment process quicker!


The Trevethan Martini

A very simple yet sophisticated Martini cocktail made with the best Gin in the world!


  1. Trevethan Cornish Craft Gin
  2. Knightor Dry Vermouth
  3. Lemon grass
  4. Thyme


This one couldn't be easier. Add 50ml of Trevethan Cornish Gin to a cocktail shaker with 25-30ml of dry vermouth. Next add a 2cm piece of lemongrass and a sprig of rosemary and stir. 

Chill down a martini glass again and double strain the cocktail into the glass. Next wrap a sprig of rosemary around a piece of lemongrass and add as a garnish.

This is the drink of true gin connoisseur and is our Distiller John's personal favourite. 

The Trevethan Slammer

Ok this is a bit more fun one; a cocktail for the final few summer days we get between now and October, before it's jackets and jumpers for the next 6 months!


  1. Trevethan Cornish Craft Gin
  2. Southern Comfort
  3. Campari (or Amaretto)
  4. Fresh Orange Juice
  5. Orange pieces
  6. Sprig of Rosemary


Add 30ml of Trevethan Gin, Southern Comfort and Campari into a cocktail shaker full of ice. Cut a slice of orange, chop into small triangle segments and add to the mix. Shake vigorously.

Strain into a highball glass with ice, top up the glass with fresh orange and throw in an orange segment and sprig of rosemary. Sit back, relax and wait to start slurring your words because this is a strong one!

Trevethan Slammer.JPG

Hope everyone has great weekend and don't forget to drink responsibly, or at least have a stab at faking responsible behaviour. 



The Story Continues......

So it's been an amazing first half of 2016 for the Trevethan Gin team, sales have quadrupled since the turn of the year and we're really working hard to keep up with demand and maintain the high quality product we know our customers want.

Our batch quantities are very consistent and consequently so are the tasting notes. Batches 6-12 have all been extremely smooth. Our resting period of 14 days is really giving the botanical oils time to find a natural balance in the solution and the complex flavours are shining through. We've been developing our tasting techniques over the past few months and for those of you who enjoy tasting our Gin straight here's some of our pointers.

  • Make sure you have some water to hand to cleanse your palette first
  • Take a tiny sip to coat your tongue without trying to taste
  • Wait 60 seconds then take an ample sip and hold for 5-6 seconds
  • We advise half a second for every botanical present and we have 10
  • Take a deep breath after swallow to get the final few notes of flavour

Hope you enjoy!

Distiller at work Trevethan Gin

Now...on to other exciting events from 2016. The first note worthy event was our appearance on Jay Rayner's BBC Radio 4 show The Kitchen Cabinet. The show focused on Cornish artisan producers and really looked at the history of the craft products that were on show. We were invited to talk about Norman and his foray into gin making in the 20's & 30's, then we made Jay and the panel a cocktail to show case the best qualities of Trevethan Gin. The comments followed gave us a real boost and it was very satisfying the last few years of hard work have actually produced something really special.

If you would like to listen to the show you can find the pod cast at the link below!

The Kitchen Cabinet - Truro

Then it was onto the Hot Craft Spirits saga......A national competition held on a twitter platform when the nation could vote for their favourite craft spirits with a simple tweet. The prize.....a listing with one of the UK's leading online distributors 31DOVER.com for those who made it into the top 10. The competition was fierce particularly amongst the fellow Cornish brands. However after thousands of votes cast and a few nervous moments Trevethan Gin came 9th out of over 300 craft spirits from the UK!! It's probably a bigger deal for a brand as young as ours but it was less about the listing online and more about the fact people actually felt so strongly about the taste of our gin they felt compelled to vote. We really are very proud and would like to thank all of those who voted.

We will be announcing the winners of our competition for the first 10 voters next week. Keep watching our social media feed to find out.

Well that's how the story has continued and we will make sure our next update doesn't take as long.......we've just been a bit busy!

Hard work leads to small triumphs

It was a great week in terms of feedback for Trevethan Gin, the comments and feedback we've received over the last 7 days have really made the last couple of years of hard work worth it.

It started on Monday evening when we were delivering a second order for one of our new stockists the Pump House in Bristol. They had made us their Gin of the week and after taking a couple of bottles just two days earlier were nearly sold out. Their second order of bottles was not just for themselves but for 2 of their other Bristol bars The Bird in Hand and the Redan Inn.

Trevethan Gin at The Pump House - Bristol

Trevethan Gin at The Pump House - Bristol

After making the delivery we decided to stay for some food as the Pump House has a great menu and we hadn't eaten there in a long time. During our meal the table next to us became occupied by a family of 3 who immediately ordered the "Gin of the Week" from the bar man. Lo and behold 2 Trevethan Gins with Orange peel, Cracked Cardamom and  Tonic turned up at the table and I could barely hide the sense of pride that bubbled up.

To hear positive comments coming from the table after the first few sips was even better. A recipe first conceived in 1929 combined with two years of hard work and a fair degree of trepidation; was now sat in a glass on the table next to me being enjoyed by perfect strangers.

To top it off waiting for us later that evening was a message from London Gin Club telling us about  their tasting and review of Trevethan Gin , Click Here to read. The depth of flavour they were able to discern from the tasting was exceptional and the serving suggestions were different but after some experimenting really hit the spot. I will definitely be booking at table next time I'm visiting the capital.

Distillers Notes

It has been a crazy few weeks since we launched Trevethan Gin fully and the response from everyone has been amazing. If you've bought a bottle please let us know what you think. I thought I would provide a bit of insight into the batches we have released so far and something about how we are developing.

Batches 1, 2, 4, and 5 have been released to a small number of online sellers now and the tasting feedback has been really positive. They are all very small batch production runs, less 100L at present even though we have capacity for 300L in Doris. We've been making sure we scale up the Trevethan recipe very gradually so at each stage we create the same flavours and textures within our spirit. I personally have a preference for Batch 5 at the moment as it was just such a smooth run, everything went like clockwork and I think the spirit was the closest to our development batches in all our key areas, taste, texture and fragrance.

The major flavour across all the batches is Juniper. Our recipe was developed back in the 1920's so is naturally very traditional and we don't want to lose that. It hits you on the nose as soon as you open the bottle but doesn't over power when in the glass. It's backed up nicely by Cassia and Angelica which help with the balancing.

 We have had to add a couple of additional botanicals to the mix as we moved from development size to full production. The main addition has been Vanilla. Vanilla helps us to create the oily and smooth mouth feel with the hint of sweetness that we achieved with just Gorse Flower in the very small batches. I'm happy with the extra note in there and it actually seems to compliment the Gorse Flower.

The citrus flavours are hiding in there as well and you can bring them to the fore with different accompaniments. Orange works really well, lemon for the more traditional G&T, I have even heard a slice of fresh Ginger helps to emphasise the Elderflower (although I haven't tried that myself yet but it's definitely on the list).

We can't forget Cardamon of course, it does linger just at the end of a mouthful and really adds to the fragrance. It also stands up to a good strong Tonic so it doesn't take over the drink. 

I do urge all of our Ginnoiseurs to try Trevethan straight as a sipping Gin with perhaps a small fruit segment or some cloves. It is very smooth on the palette and you can pick up some of the lesser botanical notes this way.

Please send us your thoughts and drink suggestions as well. As we've said all along Trevethan is meant to be shared and we're just glad we can share it with you all from now on.

Labels have arrived!

Our labels and bottles have finally arrived and we are nearly ready to take our Gin out to the market. We've spent the past few months perfecting our distillation process to make sure we get the most out of our botanicals and the maximum amount of flavour goes into every bottle. We're really excited (and nervous!) to see what the modern gin connessieur thinks of this 80 year old recipe.

Definitely says 1920's!

Definitely says 1920's!

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