The Story Continues......

So it's been an amazing first half of 2016 for the Trevethan Gin team, sales have quadrupled since the turn of the year and we're really working hard to keep up with demand and maintain the high quality product we know our customers want.

Our batch quantities are very consistent and consequently so are the tasting notes. Batches 6-12 have all been extremely smooth. Our resting period of 14 days is really giving the botanical oils time to find a natural balance in the solution and the complex flavours are shining through. We've been developing our tasting techniques over the past few months and for those of you who enjoy tasting our Gin straight here's some of our pointers.

  • Make sure you have some water to hand to cleanse your palette first
  • Take a tiny sip to coat your tongue without trying to taste
  • Wait 60 seconds then take an ample sip and hold for 5-6 seconds
  • We advise half a second for every botanical present and we have 10
  • Take a deep breath after swallow to get the final few notes of flavour

Hope you enjoy!

Distiller at work Trevethan Gin

Now...on to other exciting events from 2016. The first note worthy event was our appearance on Jay Rayner's BBC Radio 4 show The Kitchen Cabinet. The show focused on Cornish artisan producers and really looked at the history of the craft products that were on show. We were invited to talk about Norman and his foray into gin making in the 20's & 30's, then we made Jay and the panel a cocktail to show case the best qualities of Trevethan Gin. The comments followed gave us a real boost and it was very satisfying the last few years of hard work have actually produced something really special.

If you would like to listen to the show you can find the pod cast at the link below!

The Kitchen Cabinet - Truro

Then it was onto the Hot Craft Spirits saga......A national competition held on a twitter platform when the nation could vote for their favourite craft spirits with a simple tweet. The prize.....a listing with one of the UK's leading online distributors for those who made it into the top 10. The competition was fierce particularly amongst the fellow Cornish brands. However after thousands of votes cast and a few nervous moments Trevethan Gin came 9th out of over 300 craft spirits from the UK!! It's probably a bigger deal for a brand as young as ours but it was less about the listing online and more about the fact people actually felt so strongly about the taste of our gin they felt compelled to vote. We really are very proud and would like to thank all of those who voted.

We will be announcing the winners of our competition for the first 10 voters next week. Keep watching our social media feed to find out.

Well that's how the story has continued and we will make sure our next update doesn't take as long.......we've just been a bit busy!