Feeling Inspired!

The Trevethan Gin team were this week invited to the 25th Anniversary of well loved country clothing brand Schoffel Country. The reason we were there was to deliver a bespoke batch of Trevethan Gin we had developed with the Schoffel team to commemorate their 25 years in the UK market; and here's how it all happened.

Ptarmigan GIN_edited.jpg


Just before Christmas the marketing bods at Schoffel approached us to assist them with some events they would be hosting in 2018 to commemorate their 25th anniversary year. They wanted to serve a gin that complemented the quality of the Schoffel Country outerwear and thankfully they felt Trevethan was the Gin for the job!

However our Head of Sales Marc and Head Distiller John felt that to commemorate such a momentous occasion in the brands history needed more that just a bespoke G&T serve; it needed a bespoke Gin all together. So John promptly dusted off our original development still (Little Doris) and set to work creating something to befit such an achievement....3 months later Schoffel Ptarmigan Reserve was born.

The Ptarmigan range was the original range launched in the UK by Schoffel Country 25 years ago and is also the name of a native Grouse species that resides amongst other places in the Highlands of Scotland. Armed with this information John set about to find some alpine style botanicals that would be a feature of the Ptarmigans Landscape. After much deliberation he settled on Bilberries and Meadow Sweet to give the bespoke alpine flavour to the gin.

It was a pleasure for a business like Trevethan to be asked to work with such an established European brand like Schoffel. Meeting Corry Taylor and the Schoffel team and seeing first hand the passion that goes into building a brand like that was inspiring for all of us at Trevethan Gin and we hope we'll be celebrating our 25th Anniversary one day too.


So on the important part... tasting notes! The Ptarmigan Reserve Gin keeps the quintessential Trevethan trademark of being Juniper forward which is enhanced by the smooth earthy notes of the dried Bilberries. The middle notes have a citrus crispness to it before is rounded off by the piney, fresh and almost creamy Meadow Sweet. It is a Gin we are very proud of.

So far only 300 bottles have been made and it is not available on general sale but watch this space as it may be too delicious to keep hidden!