The perfect Trevethan G&T

So we've had a crazy year and we're now staring down the barrel of our second Christmas! Last year we were launching our first product to the market and praying that at least 1 person liked it; this year thousands of people have been drinking Trevethan Gin and the one thing they've all been asking us is.......How do we like to drink it?

Well the team all have their own favourites and after much debate and discussion, hand waving and the odd bit of table banging, a consensus on the best serve was not reached. We finally did manage to agree that we should in fact list them here goes!


First up is the Distillers favourite which as you may have already guessed is straight up, no ice and generous swirl of orange peel. We all agreed that this does show off the complexity of the gin. The initial kick of juniper is proceeded by the spicier notes of the cassia, angelica and cardamom then the citrus and floral notes of the elder-flower, orange and Gorse linger at the end.


Next up is the classic G&T. As you'd expect the G is a generous helping of Trevethan, we usually plump for a good 50ml double. Then it's a double dose of a good but light tonic, some of the indian style tonics compete too much with our big Juniper punch so we suggest the following corkers!

  • Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic
  • Poachers Premium Irish Tonic
  • 1724 Tonic Water
  • BTW (Bermondsey Tonic Water)

Next it's all about the garnish and we have a few favourites but the general rule is fruit/citrus with a herb or spice. The fruit and citrus brings out the lighter notes of the orange, lemon and elder-flower and the herbs or spice first balance the earthy Juniper and then promote the spicier finish of the cardamom, vanilla and cassia. Here are a few suggestions but feel free to experiment!

  • Orange & Rosemary
  • Lemon & Thyme
  • Grapefruit & Oregano
  • Apple and Clove (Great at Christmas)
  • Orange and Ginger/Clove (Another Christmas cracker......sorry couldn't resist)

The only thing left to mention is the elephant in the! There appears to be only one train of thought on ice in the Gin bars of the UK at the moment that's as much ice as you can cram into a glass. The theory is sound...It insulates itself; therefore doesn't melt as quickly and this in turn prevents dilution of the drink. While we wouldn't suggest a complete diversion from this we would like to offer an alternative.

The issue with lots ice is that as soon as you poor the gin over it, while it may not be diluting the gin it is drawing out some of the amazing botanical oils and disturbing the flavour profile that we have worked so hard to create. So how about every now and again you try this.... Place your favourite G&T glass in the freezer in plenty of time (keep a spare in there too so you can keep the G&T's flowing), make sure you're tonic has been chilling for decent amount of time. Add your tonic to the glass first, then your garnish, a big helping of Trevethan Gin.....stir well.....and lastly......relax!