Hard work leads to small triumphs

It was a great week in terms of feedback for Trevethan Gin, the comments and feedback we've received over the last 7 days have really made the last couple of years of hard work worth it.

It started on Monday evening when we were delivering a second order for one of our new stockists the Pump House in Bristol. They had made us their Gin of the week and after taking a couple of bottles just two days earlier were nearly sold out. Their second order of bottles was not just for themselves but for 2 of their other Bristol bars The Bird in Hand and the Redan Inn.

Trevethan Gin at The Pump House - Bristol

Trevethan Gin at The Pump House - Bristol

After making the delivery we decided to stay for some food as the Pump House has a great menu and we hadn't eaten there in a long time. During our meal the table next to us became occupied by a family of 3 who immediately ordered the "Gin of the Week" from the bar man. Lo and behold 2 Trevethan Gins with Orange peel, Cracked Cardamom and  Tonic turned up at the table and I could barely hide the sense of pride that bubbled up.

To hear positive comments coming from the table after the first few sips was even better. A recipe first conceived in 1929 combined with two years of hard work and a fair degree of trepidation; was now sat in a glass on the table next to me being enjoyed by perfect strangers.

To top it off waiting for us later that evening was a message from London Gin Club telling us about  their tasting and review of Trevethan Gin , Click Here to read. The depth of flavour they were able to discern from the tasting was exceptional and the serving suggestions were different but after some experimenting really hit the spot. I will definitely be booking at table next time I'm visiting the capital.