Our handmade copper alembic still has finally arrived!

Our 300L handmade copper alembic still has finally arrived! Made by Iberian Coppers in Portugal who have been hand crafting stills like this one since the 1800’s. It is a traditional type of still as we wanted to stay true to the Craft nature of the product we will be creating. The hand beaten edges of the copper pot and the bell will create the unique surfaces for the botanical oils and alcohol vapour to infuse. The irregularities in the surface inside the still will ensure that every batch has very slightly different tasting notes.

After much debate we have decided to name her Doris after Head Distiller John’s Grandmother, we think she would have approved as she did love a gin! We can’t wait to fire her up and let you taste the history and creativity that is infused in every bottle of Trevethan Gin.

Infused with Tradition since 1929.