We've begun our first batch of cornish gin

Our first batch is underway! On the 7th of August we began our first scale up batch of Trevethan Gin. The recipe passed down by Norman was for relatively low quantities of Gin and after some minor tweaks and a lot of perfecting (2 years of perfecting actually!) we believe we’ve cracked the quality of flavour we felt we owed it to Norman to create.

The only trouble is we need to take that from a 2.5 Litre Still to a 300 Litre still and this requires some very precise calculations, a lot of patience and thankfully plenty of taste testing.

What this means is that very soon indeed we will be able to let the public taste the age old Trevethan Gin. We hope that when anyone opens a bottle Trevethan Gin they remember the reason it was created by Norman Trevethan in the first place... it was created to be shared... shared with friends, family and whoever cared to join them.